New Year, New Places, New Things
posted 8 months ago
This has been a year of great success for us as a company. We created the largest Software Application as a company to date, we grew our social presence, we took on more clients, and we received an invitation to [...]
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What Tech Stack is Right For My Product
posted 10 months ago
I recently had a conversation with a new lead who insisted that his new website be created in C++. When a new lead, or a person that I’m having a conversation with about new work starts asking for a specific [...]
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How to Determine the Direction of Your Startup. Pivot or Die.
posted 11 months ago
During the course of the last 10 years in business we have run across many companies with different reasons for starting up. Everything from a social cause or personal pain that turned into a passion for advocacy like who built a [...]
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Wordpress Theme Development: Theme VS Custom
posted 1 year ago
Themes… There is so much talk and controversy on why people use them and don’t use them. We are going to talk in detail today about why we use custom themes and WordPress for our marketing website workflow process, and [...]
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Planning Your Web App. Don't Skip the Prototype.
posted 2 years ago
So you’re going to do it! You’ve come up with a crazy good idea that you know is going to change the way you do a certain task or daily activity, or you’ve come up with a great startup idea [...]
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