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Growth Hacking | News & Updates The Top 6 Changes That Made Our Studio Successful In 2016

Here we are again! It’s a new year and to the team at 422 Studios, it symbolizes a lot. As many of you know, I left 422 Studios in Janauary […]

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Tech WordPress Theme Development : Theme vs. Custom

Themes… There is so much talk and controversy on why people use them and don’t use them. We are going to talk in detail today about why we use custom […]

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UI/UX & Design Planning Your Web Application. Don’t skip the wireframes.

So you’re going to do it! You’ve come up with a crazy good idea that you know is going to change the way you do a certain task or daily […]

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News & Updates The 411 on 422. Summer 2016.

  Well, it has been absolutely forever since we’ve committed to writing regular content and keeping you all updated with the happenings around the studio. It has been incredibly busy […]

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Growth Hacking Preparing for a Website Redesign

At 422 Studios, we encounter a lot of potential partners that realize that they need a new website and they need to get serious about their online presence, but they […]

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Growth Hacking 9 Types of Blog Headlines from the Experts

Headlines are the most important thing to getting someone to read your posts. A good headline with pique a prospective reader’s interest and make them want to read more. Think […]

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Tech Increasing Magento Speed and Loading Time.

Lets face it, we all deal with the same problem when choosing Magento as a platform for our e-commerce store. The nightmares of “LAGGY” and “SLOW” requests from browsers when […]

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Growth Hacking What Is Content, anyway?!

“We don’t need to design ads that look like editorial content; great content is your ad.” – Richard Edelman I feel like ‘content’ has become a buzz word lately – […]

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Growth Hacking Influencers: Your Most Overlooked Audience

Today consumers are bombarded with constant marketing messages. Lost, skeptical and mistrusting, people see through the self-serving tactics companies use to persuade them. So, how do we reach potential customers […]

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Growth Hacking What Makes a Good Website?

Often times we are approached by clients looking for a business website, but they have no clue what makes a good website. On a more rare occasion, we are approached […]

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