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Growth Hacking | News & Updates The Top 6 Changes That Made Our Studio Successful In 2016

Here we are again! It’s a new year and to the team at 422 Studios, it symbolizes a lot. As many of you know, I left 422 Studios in Janauary […]

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Growth Hacking Preparing for a Website Redesign

At 422 Studios, we encounter a lot of potential partners that realize that they need a new website and they need to get serious about their online presence, but they […]

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Growth Hacking 9 Types of Blog Headlines from the Experts

Headlines are the most important thing to getting someone to read your posts. A good headline with pique a prospective reader’s interest and make them want to read more. Think […]

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Growth Hacking What Is Content, anyway?!

“We don’t need to design ads that look like editorial content; great content is your ad.” – Richard Edelman I feel like ‘content’ has become a buzz word lately – […]

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Growth Hacking Influencers: Your Most Overlooked Audience

Today consumers are bombarded with constant marketing messages. Lost, skeptical and mistrusting, people see through the self-serving tactics companies use to persuade them. So, how do we reach potential customers […]

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Growth Hacking What Makes a Good Website?

Often times we are approached by clients looking for a business website, but they have no clue what makes a good website. On a more rare occasion, we are approached […]

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