No egos. No Bullcrap. Just Awesome Teamwork.

Culture is not video games and free snacks (though those are plentiful). It is elevating the individual voices of your team to the point that they can affect company wide change.

Our Culture We foster a culture of innovation and intrapreneurs and our work shines because of it.

Our culture is one that promotes the best, most creative, most focused attitudes that lead to an incredible client experience. We are a small, laser focused team and our clients love it that way. If you’ve ever worked with a large agency, you know the frustration of working with multiple people that don’t have much to do with your project. We love to involve our clients in the whole process, start to finish, which leads to great experiences and an environment that produces successful products and projects. 422 Studios has eliminated upper level management, you’ll work directly with the people making your product happen.

Everyone on our team contributes equally and we are always up for learning and growing as individuals and as professionals. We even pay for our employees to have active subscriptions to learning sites and encourage them to use down time to continually learn and improve.

Our weekly process is one that allows us to work in sprints, creating awesome user experiences and products for our clients while still maintaining a healthy work / life balance. We are always available during work hours, but we do choose to work late nights occasionally where we are known to jam on our fleet of guitars, play video games and power through client projects in a way that is fun and rewarding for us.

The Crew
Daniel White Daniel White Founder, CEO, Lead Software Engineer, SEO Consultant.
Darren Houston Darren Houston Co-Founder, Lead iOS & Android Developer
Lorie Higdon Lorie Higdon Digital Content Creator, Social Media Consultant
Michael Flint Michael Flint Business Development, Outside Sales
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