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In 2012 We set out to grab the #1 Google spot for our industry in Dallas. After 6 months of careful planning and tireless execution, we achieved that ranking and in the process, achieved a whole bunch of other rankings on top of that. We practice what we preach at 422 Studios. 90% of our income is generated through organic search engine leads. An effective organic search engine presence can literally change your business forever. It provides a sense of stability and consistent lead generation that no other source can provide.

Hit all the top SEO factors with your SEO strategy.
There is often incorrect information online and within the community as to what are the most important ranking factors that Google uses to rank a website. We have the formula down to a fine art. We will optimize your content, but we’ll also use structured data, og and social meta tags, geo meta tags and more to give you the edge needed when trying to rank in search engines. Our organic SEO strategies can be applied to your marketing efforts whether you’re looking for a Dallas SEO company or you need to rank nationally for terms.

How long does it take to rank a website in Google?
We like to answer this question on a site by site basis. There are many factors that go into ranking a website in Google from your domain authority to current page ranks and even the amount of history your domain name has in Googles SERP’s. Based on that, a site with a good domain authority (40 or higher) and no penalties in Google could begin to rank for terms in 2 – 3 months with our organic SEO strategies. Starting from scratch could take 5 – 7 months before real results are noticed. We always put it this way, your SEO presence is like a freight train. You must build up momentum with alot of early stage work to reap the benefits of relative auto-pilot later down the line.

Keyword research. What is your market searching for?
The keyword research phase is absolutely critical and needs to be the first thing you do to identify and explore all of the opportunities available for your business. Identifying medium volume, low competition keywords is crucial to grabbing traffic that is not highly competitive and hard to rank for. As your domain authority climbs, you will be able to rank for more and more key terms over time.

Optimize your site for Google. Where do you stand now?
Have you been penalized in Google? Do they know that you exist? Are you doing well already?

We can determine what Google thinks of you and what knowledge that they have of your content by performing on and off page analysis.

On Page Analysis includes:

  • Is your page title optimized with keywords, but not spammy content?
  • Is your content optimized with your keywords to sound natural to humans, but target search engines?
  • Is your internal linking structure set up properly?
  • What is your bounce rate and how do people respond to your overall site design and calls to action?

There is much more to the overall strategy, but this is a good high level view of the process and the good news is that these first factors are generally fairly easy to fix.

Off Page Analysis includes:

  • How many sites are linking to you?
  • Are the sites linking to you relevant to your content and strategy?
  • What is the anchor text of the links that you have incoming to your site.

Off page analysis is a difficult process to get right. Frankly, most SEO experts and SEO consultants get this part wrong. At 422 Studios, we have perfected the art of SEO to a fine science. We employ the same organic SEO strategy to all sites, niches and business types. The strategies and processes that are in place are similar regardless of your business focus. We will identify strong keywords and optimize for on and off page ranking factors on a monthly basis.

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