Kaizen Collab
launchedOctober 2016
  • Laravel 5.3 PHP Framework
  • Jquery AJAX
  • HTML 5
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Stripe Payments API

The Build

Kaizen Collab had made a mistake that we encounter all too often at Alchemy Studios. They planned and executed on their excellent software idea by hiring an offshore company to complete the build. As we so often hear, the build went south quickly. Our initial discovery meetings with Kaizen revealed a sloppy codebase and an ugly product that did not fit the vision of the Kaizen Collab team. After hearing their initial product pitch and understanding the purpose of the software, we realized that what Kaizen Collab should be, is an amazing tool that would allow businesses to make their processes more lean, according to the popular “lean startup” methodology.

After coming up with the initial plan for a software as a service platform for Kaizen Collab, we set out to create a strong codebase with a beautiful visual element that would be easy to look at day in and day out. Our UI/UX team created high level mockups that our web design and programming team would utilize to turn out an amazing tech product that was exactly what the client had envisioned. When you need a custom web based software, it is so important to work with a local team that can share your passion and vision for the product. The Alchemy Studios team is a small, Fort Worth based team that can execute on your ideas in a timely fashion, for an affordable budget.

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Frontend Web Presence

In addition to a powerful software as a service application, Kaizen needed a great looking marketing site. We opted to create a custom, WordPress website in the popular “one page site” format. We stuck with flat color and ui design to tie the application look and feel right into the website. The Kaizen team wanted to offer product demos to clients before allowing them to sign up, so there are no links to the application from the main website, but the application can be found here:

Kaizen Collab Homepage

Custom Stripe Subscriptions & Registration Flow AJAX | Stripe Subscription Payments API

It was important to Kaizen that there be flexibility during the registration process. Some clients pay via purchase order, while some client pay via check, while others pay via credit card. To accomplish all of the functionality requested, we offer a simple offline check payment option. This option allows a customer to immediately sign up and begin using the application. Kaizen admins have the ability to suspend or activate these check paying customers in their administration panel.

Clients that would like to pay with a credit card, are allowed to enter some quick and easy card details and their account is then signed up for a full Stripe subscription model complete with auto payments, subscription management and more.

stripe subscriptions api workflow

Custom Dashboard

We created the Kaizen Collab application on the popular Laravel 5.3 PHP Framework. This allowed for a lightning fast, scalable backend system that fed a custom Jquery, AJAX driven frontend. The application includes the ability to manage company users, create projects, assign users and stakeholders to projects and more. It includes a file upload library, custom PDF reports and even a full email parsing system that allows stakeholders to reply directly into the application by responding to system generated emails.

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