KMG Chemicals

KMG produces and distributes specialty chemicals and performance materials for the Semiconductor, Pipeline and Energy and Industrial Wood Preservation markets.

the build
KMG is a leading global supplier of high purity process chemicals, serving major semiconductor manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our key products include high purity acids, solvents and other wet chemicals used to etch and clean silicon wafers in the production of semiconductors. Our U.S. Electronic
Chemical manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Pueblo, Colorado and Hollister, California. In Europe, we operate facilities in Riddings, UK; St. Fromond, St. Chéron and Rousset, France; and Milan, Italy. In Asia, we operate three facilities in Singapore.
user experience
KMG Chemicals was another site that had a fairly monotone message that we really wanted to spice up with beautiful graphics, bold colors and hard lines.
We utilized some modern trends like trapezoidal backgrounds, bold primary colors and clean animations wherever possible without detracting from form and function.
the tech
UI/UX Design We used bold oranges and dark grays to bring out the colorful Navitas brand while keeping it classy with clean lines and lots of padding.
Wordpress Powered We created a fully customized theme from scratch, enabling ultra fast loading time and the flexibility that a tried and true CMS platform can offer.
Preparing For Launch The KMG Chemicals site is nearly complete and slated for launch in Q2 of 2019.