Ren + Bos

Jump on renbos.com today and crowd fund an organic, farm raised cow. A new and unique way to buy the best damn beef in the industry.

the build
Develop your preference: breed and diet. It matters. A cow's breed and what the cow eats impacts the way beef tastes. We provide variety through our ranches who offer transparency, showing each cow’s breed, diet, and how that affects the beef. Looking for a super lean meat or high marbling with a buttery flavor? We have all the info you need to find exactly what you’re looking for. Cows have thirty days to achieve a “fully funded” status. Help to ensure that your respective cow gets funded by sharing it with your friends and family.
We’ve included a link after check out to make it easy to share your cow on Facebook and Twitter. Beef boxes typically ship out the following business day. When you are crowdfunding a cow from the ranch it generally takes about 18 days once your cow is fully funded. We ensure your beef gets to you in the highest quality possible. We ship all orders via 2-day air packed with dry ice. If you aren’t at home when it arrives, our packaging is completely capable to sit at your door (and stay frozen) for up to 8 hrs.
user experience
We set out to create a farm fresh look and feel for Ren + Bos. Earthy tones and emphasis on delicious looking imagery of been and cuts of meat accentuate the design.
The user experience is intuitive and easy to use. Select a cow you'd like, select a portion of beef to fund, then wait for those juicy cuts of beef to show up on your doorstep.
the tech
Crowdfunding We created a crowdfunding model for purchasing beef. Simply select your cow, select your portion and your off to the races.
VueJS Powered Ren + Bos is created on the latest greatest technologies from SEO friendly Laravel based PHP to cutting edge JS frameworks when needed.
Farm & Ranch Search Want to know where all that beef is coming from? Read the personal stories of the farms and ranches involved in Ren + Bos right from the search page.